Patented designs to pack the kicks that move you! For your expressions, hustle & dreams!

SNEAK EZ SHOP now carrying Solepack!!

SneakEZ now carrying Solepack!!

All quality goods with a touch of local flavor. SneakEZ becomes the first NYC store carrying our complete Solepack lineup!!

The Moving Pieces Collection. First up: MR MUSTART

Mustart x Solepack

More than just a bag. Our brand has always embraced the creative hustlers in our NYC streets & around the world. Our Moving Pieces collection is dedicated to that lifestyle.


NeverNotRiding x Solepack

An honor to run these bags with our fellow local hustler in our NYC streets. Thanks Nemo & the NeverNotRiding fam. Check the vibe of a small batch that sold quick fast:  

"This is not just any draw string bag. In collaboration with mike from Solepack is this unique light weight draw string bag which have a designated compartment for your extra choice of footwear for all occasions. Gym shoes, work shoes, velodrome cycling shoes, rock climbing, running, etc. This compartment is separate from the main compartment to keep everything clean and fresh.

NNR signature logo on the main front panel for extra visibility while taking over these streets during the day & night.

Limited Run, Small Batch Only."



Solepack gets ounced with Ounce Water. Movement and hydration a must!

We teamed up with the good folks at Ounce Water and delivered a custom bag for their loyal customers. An honor to work with good people spreading the word of movement & hydration, all while keeping you packed fresh!!! Go get ounced:

Nice Kicks Takeover. Solepack hits Long Beach,CA

Nice Kicks

Recently we got to be a part of the Nice Kicks takeover of KBeach Radio in Long Beach California! The KB fam did a great job covering some aspects of sneaker history and had the founders of Nice Kicks, Matt and Allison Halfhill break it down candidly for more than the allotted time. It was an honor for Solepack to be a small part and gift a few of the listeners with our OG SP-1 Premium label goods. Thanks for having us KBeach Radio and letting our story continue to be told!!




Last April, the WRU Crew(WE Run Uptown) run crew fam debuted our SP-1 Oceans! Done UPTOWN style with a dope logo commemorating their BTG event in Punta Cana, DR. An honor for us to continue to pack fresh to death groups all around the world!! Much respect to Josh and Hec for the love!!


The SP-1 Oceans in a vibrant turquoise released summer 2016!! The collection grows!

Allow us to Intro the GRF Shoe Storing Stringbag

This past Spring/Summer, our latest bag on the scene changed the game once again. Our GRF (Ground Reaction Force) is the ONLY string bag on the market designed to pack your kicks separate from the rest of you clean gear. Great for those quick trips to the gym, beach, or school/work. We reacted to our environment and gave all the string bag users out there what they wanted with our Solepack signature!! Now available at the shop in a few color ways!!


This SS2016 it was an honor to work with our local shop- The Richmond Hood Co- and bring our natives a capsule collection like no other. We ran a Wu/Shaolin inspired color way of our SP-1 Shoe carrier. The black and yellow stayed true to our staten island roots and we payed further tribute by calling it the SP-1 Killa Bee. Seems like it was just a minute ago we were passing around Wu mix tapes in high school!! ONLY a handful of these cut and they're ONLY available with our local homies at the Richmond Hood Co:



The Solepack team linked up with another innovator in the sneaker game- Fabes Sole. Together we bring you a capsule of our favorite colorways with the highly detailed Fabes logo. A classic collaboration to pack some of your illest shoes in your collection. These will only be available at

Carryology: Kick Back with Fuss-free Shoe Carry

Carryology x SolepackOur friends over at Carryology took notice of our unique shoe carrying accessory. "Carrying your kicks usually involves careful planning in the packing department-and sometimes a lot of frustration...With the Solepack SP-1, you can kick packing woes to the curb." We truly appreciate the experts in the game as our sneaker bag continues to carve out a place in the world and on the shelves. Go ahead and check out Carryology where they're always "Exploring better ways to carry."