Our Story

The Solepack journey began in the Staten Island-NYC area around the late 90s-early 2000. The cultural hotbed of NYC around those times played a heavy influence on the movement. As a student, commuter, bballer, sneaker enthusiast , runner, hiker, & traveler I always needed a way to store my shoes on the go. Constantly running out of room in my backpack, I would end up carrying around a plastic bag just for shoes. I looked for a product that let me store my shoes on my backpack, but there were none… so I invented one myself!

I surrounded myself with great people and Solepack was born. From that point on, our Solepack team was set on a mission to develop a functional shoe accessory bag. Solepack designed and patented a backpack accessory dedicated to shoe transport, the SP-1.

With two of Solepack’s founders being Doctors of Physical Therapy, ergonomics was configured into its design. The SP-1′s patented design stores your kicks on the sides of your backpack, providing the most ergonomic means of storage during travel. No more dangling kicks from your pack & no more need to carry that extra bag for your shoes. Travel hands free! More space inside your backpack and keep your dirty shoes away from the clean interior compartments of your pack. It’s simply a more functional way to pack and travel.

(UPDATE: We evolved since then and added 2 more staple products to the lineup. All keeping in line with our signature of always keeping your shoes separate from your clean gear! Our GRF Shoe Storing String Bag and OMEGA 30L backpack both maintain our mission.)
Whether your adventure is urban or outdoor- always keep your shoes/sneakers by your side. We do! -Mike Sala(Founder) and the Solepack Team