Original Hip Hop Pioneers (RUNDMC) x The Original Shoe Transport Bag (Solepack)

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Here's a quick excerpt from a recent post on KicksonFire by Janegoldenarms:

EXCLUSIVE: An Inside Look at CLICKS- The First RUNDMC x Adidas Boutique

"Run-DMC is iconic, not just for their music but for their cultural impact. The fashion, the attitude, the adidas. Kicks were a major part of their lives and Jam Master Jay always wanted to open a sneaker boutique. And now hip-hop legend DMC and JMJ’s dear friend, Eric “Shake” James is making it happen.

CLICKS, opening in Milwaukee this spring, is a living tribute to RUN-DMC and their Hall of Fame career, a museum in a boutique that celebrates the cultural explosion that inspired millions to walk this way.

Everything from the art on the walls to the shapes of the displays will reflect Run-DMC and adidas. All of the kicks: adidas. The apparel and accessories will be a mix of super exclusive adidas and Run-DMC gear along with Diamond, Publish, Solepack, Jason Markk and more."

Read & check the exclusive photos:

(Special thanks and all love to Shake & Jazerai for making this happen for the Solepack team- Mike)

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