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For the SOLE of the Game Shorts with New Jersey Sets

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Solepack shorts

A special basketball shorts collaboration with our  New Jersey Sets family. We are honored to introduce the 1st collab of our For the Sole of the Game campaign. We dedicated this platform to the cultural elements that inspired along the way-the essentials of Why we began and Why we continue. Diggin in the bag, a DOPE pair of shorts and kicks has always been part of the journey.

"Your new favorite hoop shorts" by NJS come with our embroidered SP signature logos on our mesh basketball shorts. Shorts come fully lined with knitted waist with metal aglet drawstrings and waterproof zipper pockets. 

[New Jersey Sets has been the leader in customizing culture and quality into every hand sewn jersey. Their creative designs meshed with performance-based construction is unparalleled. A story told with every garment!!


solepack x new jersey sets shorts 

solepack x new jersey sets shorts

basketball bags basketball shorts bball shorts new jersey sets solepack

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