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We at Solepack had the honor of teaming up with local Harlem legend and rapper from A$AP MOB, A$AP TyY, and droppTV, the only place where you can shop inside music videos from your favorite artists. Being able to work within our local roots was truly an awesome experience and being able to collaborate with droppTV made it even better.
For the release of A$AP TyY’s new song, Who Ain’t With Me through droppTV, Solepack was able to drop a limited edition A$AP x Solepack Omega backpack + SP-1 OG Black Shoe Carrier. The Omega Backpack features an exclusive A$AP logo, and can be seen throughout the music video.
The music video was shot locally in Harlem and features various members of A$AP MOB including A$AP Ferg:

A$AP Ferg x Solepack
Working with droppTV was extremely unique as viewers of the music video are able to just click on the screen and immediately purchase the products they see. We love seeing new and creative ideas like this, so collaborating with droppTV was an amazing opportunity for us.
Being able to work outwards into the music scene was also something that was a great experience for us. We know just how well connected music, fashion and sneakers are. We were truly humbled to work with A$AP TyY and have our brand be connected to the A$AP MOB.
This was something new for us at Solepack, but we loved every minute of it! We look forward to continuing to branch out and engaging in creative projects and ideas!
Check out our limited edition Solepack x A$AP TyY Omega Backpack + SP-1:

Check out A$AP TyY’s music video- ONLY on the droppTV app:
Check out droppTV: @droppTV

-Written by D.Gins

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