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Philippines "Mayon" SP-1
Philippines "Mayon" SP-1
$ 42.99

Philippines "Mayon" SP-1


This limited edition Philippines "Palawan" SP-1 shoe carrier is part of a collection by artist Aimee Ulep. The. capsule highlights 3 different unique landscapes of the beautiful Philippine Islands. A great honor of ours to present on Philippines Independence Day. 

The "Mayon" pays tribute to the historic volcano with a red hue that highlights a primary color of the Philippine flag. 

"Renowned as the world's most perfectly formed volcano for its symmetry. A famous tourist destination for outfoor activities including hiking, camping, and ATV riding"

Our original SP-1 Shoe always packs your dirty shoes separate from your clean gear. Attach to your backpack and go. Pack up your hiking boots as you explore this natural beauty! Represent Pinoy pride everywhere you go!



Product: Our SP-1 patented sneaker bag is designed to wrap around any backpack- creating room for additional sneaker storage. It also seamlessly attaches onto our Omega backpack or your favorite backpack.

Sizing: Standard L size( fits size 11/12 and below), XL (fits size 14/15 and below)

Materials: Heavy Duty Poly