Hooper's Graffiti Backpack Kit - Solepack
Hooper's Graffiti Backpack Kit - Solepack
$ 99.00

Hooper's Graffiti Backpack Kit

Hoopers' Graffiti by Mike Canda  x Solepack

A collaboration between NY/NJ/DEN artist, Mike Canda, The Basketball Social House and Solepack.  The work continues the celebration of our basketball roots. Our back pack kit)Omega backpack + OG patented designed SP-1 shoe bag) serve as a one-of-a kind canvas for Mike's designs. A limited run collection available online here and with the good folks in DENVER. Check them out  The Basketball Social House. -much more than just a facility!! A true hooper's experience.

Through the Artist's eyes:


"This design was a collaboration between myself and the basketball social house. We wanted to create art pieces for the first of its kind facility that would encapsulate basketball culture but at the same time generate conversation and analysis of the idea executed.  Influenced by the many blacktop courts around the tri state area and the graffiti displays throughout the city landscape, all popular basketball terms are layered across the canvas resembling an outdoor basketball court."

-Mike Canda

Product: Our OMEGA 30L Backpack + SP-1 patented sneaker bag (detachable)

Materials: 800D Poly with sublimated artwork

Sizing: for SP-1:  OSFA (fits size 14/15), Omega: 30L capacity

Humbled to continue this journey create these important pieces with Michael. Work that expresses our love for hoops and that pay tribute to our roots and culture.

A perfect blend of art x function x fashion x fitness. Truly original pieces- to collect or to pack your kicks like never before!!

Thank you for supporting small business, independent artists & our local communitues!!