The JeyGo Collection

The JEYGO print lives on. A historical piece with movement at the core of the work and its creator- the late great Jerry Gant. We at Solepack were humbled to have the Jeygo print bless our bags. It was meant to be that our 2 soleful movements met. Big blessings to all who helped the stars align. RIP Jerry- we hope we did you proud! 

Read more on the history of Jerry Gant & the original print:

"Once crowned 'Newark's Art Ambassador' by the Star-Ledger, the late artist Jerry Gant was a native Newarker and lifetime resident until his passing in 2018. One of his most recognizable and distinctive design motifs - the JeyGo print - was originally conceived in 2007, as a collaboration with the popular brand, Over The Edge. The hand drawn art was digitized for silk screen printing on t-shirts, apparel and fabric.... What makes this motif so compelling is that the intricate design is comprised of faces and affirmations that draw people in and resonate with them! In Jerry's design process, he intentionally filled the space with decorative details in a way that they would be increasingly revealed, as the scale of the work is increased. The original intention and spirit of the JeyGo print was to reach people through familiar images and expressions of positivity and broad cultural relatability!"

Check the collection:

Omega backpack + JEYGO SP-1 sneakerbag:

JEYGO SP-1 sneakerbag:

JEYGO GRF Sneaker Stringbag: