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"Norris Frederick is an elite American Long Jumper. Norris has been competing professionally since 2008 and he has emerged as a dominant athlete in his field. Join Norris on his #RoadToGold as he trains to represent the USA in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan." -

Norris has been one of our real DAY 1 supporters and now family. We had the pleasure of packingNorris' spikes on his Road to Rio in 2016 and continue to pack for him for him on his Road to Tokyo 2020. It's truly an honor to develop and evolve our products with a solid athlete and individual like Norris. Always blessed to have you part of the Solepack family. 

Let's see what he has to say:

"SolePack literally goes with me everywhere I go. With the ability to custom my bag and spread my brand across the world, SolePack has made it so I can take my brand everywhere I go. Getting the chance to meet the creator and go to dinner with him really made the relationship a lot more personal and made it so I didn’t want to go anywhere else with any other bag company!"
Norris Frederick