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Babbuthepainter "Kesar" x Solepack SP-1
Babbuthepainter "Kesar" x Solepack SP-1
$ 49.99

Babbuthepainter "Kesar" x Solepack SP-1

Babbu the Painter "Kesar" x Solepack SP-1

ONLY 30 bags cut of our patneted SP-1 sneaker carrier.

The "Kesar" piece is next up in our creative series of products that utilize our innovative sneaker carriers and  as #Movingpieces of art.

BIo:   Babbuthepainter is a Toronto based creative entrepreneur and the founder of her globally recognized style of modern desi diaspora pop-art. Babbu has manifested the unheard voice of South Asian millennials in her artwork worldwide. And has made a name for herself and for her artwork across North America being featured in shows such as The Mindy Project.

Through the artist's eyes:

When I was approached to do a collaboration with the sneaker bag brand Solepack I instantly had a vision of the illustration I wanted to create. Perception, prejudice, identities, womanhood, and their interpretation are themes that have been incorporated into my art since the beginning. I wanted to translate some of those themes into this collaboration. So, we created “Kesar” a first-generation Punjabi-Canadian teenager from Toronto, that wears both her identities proudly. She loves to play basketball and has a freakishly large sneaker collection for a teenager....Kesar felt right for this collaboration as there is such a lack of brown female diaspora representation within the mainstream sports, sneaker world. We hope you love our collaboration as much as we loved making it.

Read more about the collaboration:

Product: Our SP-1 patented sneaker bag is designed to wrap around any backpack- creating room for additional sneaker storage. It also seamlessly attaches onto our Omega backpack.

Materials: 800D Poly with sublimated artwork

Sizing: L (fits size 11/12 and below), XL(fits size 14/15 & belpw)

Truly humbled to create these important pieces with Babbu and continue the work of having our bags serve as moving canvases of expression-especially for voices that had limited opportunities in the past.

A perfect blend of art x function x fashion x fitness. Truly original pieces- to collect or to pack your kicks like never before!!

Thank you for supporting small business and independent artists!!