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The GRF Pink - Solepack
The GRF Pink - Solepack
The GRF Pink - Solepack
$ 24.99

The GRF Pink

The GRF elevates the game for the classic drawstring bag. Its design strategically stores shoes and separates them from the bag's main interior compartment: the Solepack signature of how to travel with your shoes. The GRF is the perfect bag for quick trips to the gym, training sessions or any other light packing excursion. 

This version of our GRF stringbag was made more lightweight and perfect for summer weekends.


Fits up to a size 12 men's shoe

Dimensions: 18" x 14.5"

Materials: Light weight Poly


Solepack Demo Nike 1 from Maestro Filmworks on Vimeo.