The MOVING PIECES Collection: featuring TAHOE

Tahoe x Solepack

TAHOE x SOLEPACK -RELEASING JULY 28th IN-STORE ONLY in Los Angeles (see details below). AUG 2 ON-LINE release.

More than just a bag. Our brand has always embraced the creative hustlers in our NYC streets & around the world. With our Moving Pieces collection, we step out of the box in more ways than one. It's the 1st collection with our SP-1s serving as moving canvases & new avenues for expression. Some incredible artists are lined up! It’s also the 1st collection cut & sewn with a local manufacturer. Everyone bringing their creativity to the table.  A perfect blend and expression of art x function x fashion x fitness. Blessed and honored to work with these makers and shakers.

The second artist featured in this series is Tahoe based out of LA. We crossed paths with him over 2-3 years ago when he started packing with Solepack. We appreciated his unique art style- much different from what we've seen in NY. Way back we also talked about eventually doing a collaborative piece, much like the convo we had with Mr Mustart. The time finally presented and we're proud to unveil this limited run of 30 bags and 12 t-shirts. The bags themselves will be an eclectic collection of canvas and cloth materials and a variety of zipper color ways -all blessed with a PIECE from Tahoe + our Solepack box logo randomly repeating throughout. The T-shirts will feature the complete piece that Tahoe provided us with for this capsule.

Here's a little more background on Tahoe and his evolution:

Los Angeles native, Tahoe has earned his reputation on the city's graffiti scene by remaining true to his letter form and evolving his style over the years. As a kid growing up in the early 1990's, Tahoe developed a fascination with graffiti, he would turn to the "Graf Flix" section of The Source Magazine and study the pictures of the murals painted by mostly New York based writers and crews. Around the same time Tahoe was discovering graffiti, he realized he had a passion for something else, sneakers. Growing up during the time when you not only watched Michael Jordan play for his skills, but also to see which shoe he might debut for a playoffs game,Tahoe fell in love with sneaker culture. As a kid growing up with a passion for Hip-Hop and sneaker cultures, it only made sense to collaborate with Sole Pack on their "Moving Pieces" collection. 

Thank you for the love and for the opportunity to work with you Tahoe (@photahoe)!!  - the SOLEPACK team


Saturday July 28th 12-4PM
1880 DelAmo #C
Torrance, CA


tahoe x solepack 

tahoe x solepack 

tahoe x solepack sneaker bags

solepack x tahoe sneaker bags 



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