Patented designs to pack the kicks that move you! For your expressions, hustle & dreams!

2017 Ocean Breeze Grand Prix sponsored by Solepack

Solepack continues to make waves on the streets of urban running world and the arenas of the track and field world. Function over everything!




The History. The Vibe.The Life. The Style.
It's undeniable. Big CONGRATS & RESPECT to our CLICKS fam on their continued success. It was an honor to be a small part of their grand opening and of their continue growth. Our limited edition     CLICKS X SOLEPACK AND JMJ4EVER X SOLEPACK  bags are now available at their store and online SHOP.

If you don't know what they're about. Now you know:
" CLICKS is a lifestyle boutique that pays homage to Run DMC and adidas - exclusively carrying adidas sneakers - while being an uplifting force for the people of Milwaukee. Situated amongst some of the city’s trendiest shops and restaurants, CLICKS aspires to serve the same community that Jam Master Jay kept so close to his heart."

Their site is now LIVE:


Solepack RUN DMC v1.4-HD from Solepack on Vimeo.



Solepack Clicks Camo1 v1.2-HD from Solepack on Vimeo.



20 Awesome Gifts for Sneaker Lovers by Kicksdeals


Big thank you to the good folks over at Kicksdeals for including us in this dope collection of gift ideas. Check us alongside other great sneaker products like Jason Markk and Krate& Co to name a few. Check the whole list here:

January 30, 2016 by Michael P. Sala

First and Stewart. Solepack, An accessory just for Kicks

First and Stewart

Always an honor to be embraced by the creative communities that explore outside the box. The folks at First and Stewart shed new light on your daily routine and Solepack fit right in with their mission-"Helping our friends' routines from becoming routine...we wanted to focus on everyday needs & wants and to provide solutions in a range of subjects.." Much appreciate the write up First and Stewart!!! Check the whole write-up:

Carryology: Kick Back with Fuss-free Shoe Carry

Carryology x SolepackOur friends over at Carryology took notice of our unique shoe carrying accessory. "Carrying your kicks usually involves careful planning in the packing department-and sometimes a lot of frustration...With the Solepack SP-1, you can kick packing woes to the curb." We truly appreciate the experts in the game as our sneaker bag continues to carve out a place in the world and on the shelves. Go ahead and check out Carryology where they're always "Exploring better ways to carry."

Wildy Civil Photography

This past summer and upcoming fall, many of the images capturing the Solepack essence is being brought to you via the lens of one of our freelance photographers out of Atlanta-Wildy Civil. It has been a pleasure to work seamlessly with someone who shares our vision on style, sneakers, travel and functionality. Thank you Wildy and Shaina for the great work.

Solepack + Silento: Watch me (us)

We were proud to partner up with the Cre8vs Agency out of Atlanta this summer. We had the honor of packing kicks for up-and-coming artist Silento as he traveled the country and played the song of the summer, "Watch Me". You know you were whipping it and doing the naenae this summer too. Stop lying. Stay tuned as we further our growth with the Cre8vs family.