SALUTE to the Salute Life family


"..both brands have worked extremely hard on creating an impact in the surrounding communities, which is why there was an organic campaign by supporters of both brands to ensure the collection’s success. I witnessed support from running groups all throughout N.Y.C. and an endorsement from Bridge Runners, which Mike has established a bond and has become part of the Bridge Runner family."

BridgerunnersNYC x Solepack

The Original Running Crew x the Original Shoe Transport Bag. Ain't no question! These customized BR x SP bags are now available at BR headquarters(392 Broadway). The City is their gym & we're providing a little style and function when packing kicks to every Wed night run or traveling to BTG ALL PLANET events. NYC is our home and a true honor to run these for our BR familia. Feel the vibe & follow on IG; @Bridgerunners