Cautious Optimism by Rich Tu

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Solepack team up with Rich Tu for “Cautious Optimism” Collab

October marks the start of FilipinX history month. To commemorate, we teamed up with Rich Tu, a first generation FilipinX-American and award winning, to create a custom SP-1 Sneaker Pack. This collaboration was a long time in the making, and we couldn’t be more happy with how it turned out.

Rich Tu has been on the rise, creating art for Nike, MTV, Truly and the 2020 XXL Freshman Class! We here at Solepack are huge fans of Rich’s work and we love the activism and message he puts into his creations.

The piece is called “Cautious Optimism”. Rich Tu describes it as:
"Cautious Optimism' is a mindset by which I navigate the world.

As a First Generation Filipino American, it is my hope that the culture in this country will correct itself to help elevate underserved communities.

Across the board, the 'Other' fights to be seen, and ONLY WHEN WE ARE SEEN CAN WE BELONG. -Rich Tu 

The "Cautious Optimism" imagery is referenced with the cutoff thumbs-up. The image along with the high-energy ripped camo aesthetic speaks boldly on the current state of the world. We are endless optimists but also realists knowing that we must proceed with caution- most especially in today’s environment. The time is always right to fight for equality and have our voices heard. We are humbled to have a design that reflects the above grace our SP-1 Shoe carrier.
We are so humbled and excited to bring this idea to life. To create something with such a powerful message while being able to collaborate with a talented artist like Rich Tu is what we live for!
Proceeds from the “Cautious Optimism” SP-1 will be donated to relief efforts of Project Barkada. You can read more about them here:
The “Cautious Optimism” SP-1 is now available for purchase:

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