Manchild x Solepack - Solepack
Manchild x Solepack - Solepack
Manchild x Solepack - Solepack
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Manchild x Solepack

Manchild by Schea Cotton

The story of Schea Cotton is a compelling one and has its share of ups and downs. We at Solepack is always about embracing those off the beaten path journeys that share the realities of life and the human condition. We're proud to pack for the brand and the man- Manchild by Schea Cotton. Read more below:

"Schea Cotton, born May 20, 1978 in Los Angeles, California, is the former National Player of the Year, and projected 1997, NBA number #1 draft pick. Schea’s basketball prowess began in middle school and erupted in epic proportions as he entered National Prep Powerhouse Mater Dei high school in Santa Ana, California. A must see attraction before reaching puberty; Schea Cotton was the prodigy delivered to us by the basketball gods. With an unmatched pro skill set for his age the NBA seemed to be inevitable for Schea until an injury and invalidated test scores derailed his career. Notable Accolades: 1995 CIF State Player of the Year, 1995 John Wooden High School Player of the Year, Parade All- American, and McDonald’s All- American.

MANCHILD is the story/brand of Los Angeles basketball legend Schea Cotton, the best player you've never heard of, the "Lebron before Lebron".  Schea never fully realized his dreams, instead becoming the cautionary tale for achieving too much, too soon.  Today, having faced his inner demons and come full circle, Schea is an advocate for young athletes, helping them to navigate the many conflicting forces in their budding careers, and achieve their highest potential." The journeys just begun!!

"I was connected with Mike from SolePack through a high school peer of mine from New York named Calvin. Mike sent some gear out to me with a backpack 🎒, took the backpack on a weekend trip out of town and packed everything in the SP-1 Omega and fell on love with the product after that it was all over . Ever since then I can't think of a better backpack to use for all your hoop gear , weekend trips not to mention being able to store your basketball sneakers on the side inserts so you don't damage your sneakers walking around outdoors before you hit the hardwood . This is the best backpack on the market !!" - Schea Cotton

 This fully functional Omega backpack + SP-1 Shoe carrying kit we put together for Schea keeps you ready for any workout. It maintains the Solepack brand signature of keeping your dirty shoes separate from your clean gear at all times. Pack your kicks FRESH for training, road trips or game day. Represent your hard work & hustle every time you travel! Humbled to pack the MANCHILD movement! Get yours now!!

(*Bag's  logos are sewn upon ordering. Please allow~ 1-2WEEKS for delivery.)

*Sizes above refers to the SP-1 shoe carrier for shoe sizes.


  • Detachable SP-1 shoe carriers. Clip off when you just need a backpack (30Liter)
  • A separate bottom compartment to carry  a full sized basketball 
  • Omega backpack is compatible with all our SP-1 carriers- including our NBA line.
  • Interior padded laptop sleeve cause its always books and basketball
  • Multiple zipper compartments with side drink holder
  • Branded Manchild embroidered logo
  • SP-1s come in 2 sizes (see above)