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Cautious Optimism by Rich Tu
Cautious Optimism by Rich Tu
Cautious Optimism by Rich Tu
Cautious Optimism by Rich Tu
$ 49.99

$ 59.99

Cautious Optimism by Rich Tu

Cautious Optimism by Rich Tu x SOLEPACK

ONLY 25 bags cut. All sourced and handmade in NYC.

The "Cautious Optimism" piece is next up in a series of locally hand crafted products that use our innovative SP-1 sneaker carriers as #MovingPIECES of art.

Through the artist's eyes:

" Cautious Optimism" is a mindset by which I navigate the world.

As a First Generation Filipino American, it is my hope that the culture in this country will correct itself to help elevate underserved communities.

Across the board, the 'Other' fights to be seen, and ONLY WHEN WE ARE SEEN CAN WE BELONG. -Rich Tu 

 Rich's piece is timeless in that it speaks for the unjust struggles of past and present. The highlight of the work is a cutoff "thumbs-up". It symbolizes that our lens is always optimistic BUT we must always be diligent with our eyes wide open as we navigate the terrain of today's world. Its sits on a backdrop of his unique & vibrant ripped camo pattern.

A perfect blend of art x function x fashion x fitness. Truly original pieces- to collect or to pack your kicks like never before!!

Product: Our SP-1 patented sneaker bag is designed to wrap around any backpack- creating room for additional sneaker storage. It also seamlessly attaches onto our Omega backpack.

Materials: Canvas navy blue back panels and uppers. Front is a screen printed cotton where the artwork sits.

Sizing: Standard L size( fits size 11/12 and below)

In collaboration with Rich Tu & YO! For Real, For Real!, a portion of the proceeds will be going to relief efforts of Project Barkada! We all win when we all build and lift together!

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