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JellyFam x Solepack GRF shoe storing drawstring bag
JellyFam x Solepack GRF shoe storing drawstring bag
$ 34.99

JellyFam x Solepack GRF shoe storing drawstring bag

Jelly Fam x Solepack 

Chasing greatness and inspiring the youth. We continue to get down with those that create and push forward on their journeys. Taking on the impossible and breaking through any barriers. Ain't no one does it better than our JELLYFAM.  A movement like no other!

Led by Isaiah Washington, JELLYFAM was born in HARLEM 2015 and is now worldwide.

Home Of The Young Greats. Inspiring The Youth!


 We put together a JELLYFAM branded GRF shoe storing string bag. This compact bag keeps you ready for any quick trip or workout. It maintains the Solepack brand signature of keeping your dirty shoes separate from your clean gear at all times. Pack your kicks FRESH for training, road trips or game day. Represent your hard work & hustle every time you travel! Rep that JELLYYYY!!

(*Bag's logos are applied upon ordering. Please allow~ 2/3WEEKS for shipment. Longer for international deliveries)

"The GRF elevates the game for the classic drawstring bag. Its design strategically stores shoes and separates them from the bag's main interior compartment: the Solepack signature of how to travel with your shoes. The GRF is the perfect bag for quick trips to the courts, gym, or any other light packing excursion. "


  • separate front shoe compartments
  • heavy duty drawstring
  • inner zippered pocket 
  • reflective front piping 
  • heatpress JELLYFAM logo
  • OSFA for sizing (fits sz 14 USM & below)