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Almighty NYC x Solepack Shorts
Almighty NYC x Solepack Shorts
Almighty NYC x Solepack Shorts
$ 50.00

$ 60.00

Almighty NYC x Solepack Shorts

Solepack has always been about taking the off beaten path and that energy lines up 100% with the Almighty NYC family.

We put together a limited edition capsule like no other. A unique paint splatter design is the theme on the Almighty shorts and our patented SP-1 shoe bag. 

Shorts are of the highest quality- a micro mesh with super light lining with the main SOLEPACK logo embroidered across the front and smaller SP & AM logos on the bottom of each leg. Welted zipped pockets on the front and back. For even more detail, the Almighty and Solepack names appear on each drawstring aglet.

Extra special for us to run this collaboration with our locals here from the Shaolin land. Peep more below on the ethos of the Almighty NYC hustle and hit their website link to cop more gear:

"We represent the rebellious culture taking creative risks and choosing to be on the outside of the in crowd. We understand that whatever table we choose to sit at, is the cool table. We aren’t here to follow trends but rather to create. 

Our brand was established by 3 minds coming together to speak up for a demographic that we feel was underrepresented, the free thinkers, the innovators and true contributors to culture. 

We are the left turn when everyone else is going straight, we color outside the lines, we take the stairs while everyone else waits on the elevator. Always Live Meaningful Imagination Gives Hope To Youth.....We are ALMIGHTY."