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Dunk Junks "Purple Haze" GRF+ - Solepack
Dunk Junks "Purple Haze" GRF+ - Solepack
Dunk Junks "Purple Haze" GRF+ - Solepack
$ 29.99

$ 39.99

Dunk Junks "Purple Haze" GRF+

A unique collaboration with GERMAN based brand Dunk Junks. Our GRF+ sneaker bag takes on a colorful purple with green leaves along the bottom- giving a nod to the culture. The back of the bag displays both brand's logos.

*Bag can be worn front/backwards depending on what print you are feeling for the day. Reflective piping lines the front to add a little shine at night.  Get yours while they last!!!

Dunk Junks is a colorful skateboarding brand heavily influenced by the NikeSB DUNKS!  At Solepack, we've always been influenced by the skate and other subcultures that shaped us during the 90's in NYC. It was a perfect blend bringing this project to life.

For more on Dunk Junks, click below:

(The GRF elevates the game for the classic drawstring bag. Its design strategically stores shoes and separates them from the bag's main interior compartment: the Solepack signature of how to travel with your shoes. The GRF is the perfect bag for quick trips to the courts, gym, or any other light packing excursion.)



Fits up to a size 13-14 men's shoe

Dimensions: 19.5" x 16"

Materials: Heavy Duty Poly

Zippers: YKK

Reflective Piping