Solepack's SP-1 is the premier shoe transport bag. Its patented design allows shoes to be stored ergonomically on the side of a backpack during travel. Storing them separately keeps your kicks fresh and your bag’s interior clean. Simply pack your kicks in the SP-1, wrap it around your backpack and adjust. Style and function. The ultimate backpack accessory for your life on the go!

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October 18, 2014 • Posted by Admin in Blog • Tags: , , 0 comments  

Such a dope venture as we teamed up with the ParkdaleRoadrunner(PDRR) running crew out of Toronto! We developed a special edition Solepack SP-1 PDRR bag for the squad heading to the Amsterdam Marathon going down October 19th. Our bag was a small part of a...READ MORE


October 14, 2014 • Posted by Admin in Blog • Tags: , , , , , , , 0 comments  

The PRESALE of our newest SP-1 colorway, PINK, begins October 13th!! We are glad to introduce the electric pink during  breast cancer awareness month-any small way we can help we will surely try. The SP-1 Pink is the first in its generation to be released in...READ MORE

Solepack at the Swapheat

August 18, 2014 • Posted by Admin in Uncategorized • • 0 comments  

It was dope event that rolled through Jersey City last weekend and Solepack was honored to be on board. The Solepack street team was in the house and held it down. A select few guests took home SP-1s that were part of the Swapheat’s giveaways! Much love...READ MORE

Solepack hits Brooklyn Streets

August 11, 2014 • Posted by Admin in Blog • Tags: , , , , 0 comments  

Our roots run deep to Brooklyn here at Solepack. Truly an honor to be on the shelves of Pounds Boutique NYC in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. They’re doing big things and have a vision for what’s fresher than your average. Go check em out and grab...READ MORE

Solepack x Sneaker Spy Collaboration

August 1, 2014 • Posted by Admin in Blog • Tags: , , , , 0 comments  

August 1st marks the release of the Solepack x Sneaker Spy collaboration. Its the first of its kind for Solepack as we closely worked to  develop a bag that represented both Solepack and the Sneaker Spy. The classic form of the original Solepack was retained...READ MORE

Under the Lights: Over the NYPD

August 1, 2014 • Posted by Admin in Uncategorized • • 0 comments  

Great things went down last Saturday at the Under the Lights All-Star Friday night festivities in Staten Island! The biggest highlights took place during the annual Dunk Contest. Solepack founder, Mike Sala, was amongst the local  guest judges including pro baller Halil Kanacevic and Olympic...READ MORE

Richmond Hood + StickySituationNYC + Solepack

July 19, 2014 • Posted by Admin in Blog • Tags: , 0 comments  

It all went down last week on Castleton Ave on Staten Island. In conjunction with StickySituationNYC- Richmond Hood Co opened it’s doors and shelves to Solepack. An honor to be officially stocked in our local hood! Much love and respect to Tariq and all at...READ MORE

241 Indie’s Street Solepack Focus: Convenient & Stylish

July 8, 2014 • Posted by Admin in Blog, Uncategorized • Tags: , , , 1 comment  

“Create. Connect. Community.” 241 Indiie’s St, a NYC based movement, is a collaborative force to create positive momentum by the people. 241 concisely captures the essence behind the Solepack brand and movement. Here’s how they break it down: “Need to bring an extra pair of shoes...READ MORE

Hoops in the Sun welcomes Solepack as their latest Sponsor

July 7, 2014 • Posted by Admin in Blog • Tags: , , , 0 comments  

“Welcomes” is an understatement as Solepack was greeted with open arms last holiday weekend. Solepack will be sponsors  alongside other brands such as Nike, Macys and Mountan Dew. Truly and honor! Hoops in the Sun(HITs) is a classy well-run tournament with a rich history. The...READ MORE

NY1 Shines Light on Solepack

July 7, 2014 • Posted by Admin in Blog • Tags: , , , 0 comments  

With our upcoming involvement with StickySituationNYC and CoolinonCastelton, NY1 was able to catch a few words with our founder Michael Sala.  While paying a visit at  RichmondHoodco, the home base for the weekend’s festivities, NY1 reporter Clodagh Mcgowan asked about the significance of the events....READ MORE

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